Waterwalkers is a student-led, student conference. There are no special speakers or concert bands.  At Waterwalkers students lead other students into the word, prayer, worship, and discipleship. Our hope is to create an opportunity for students to make responsible and sober commitments to Jesus.

Our prayers are that through this conference experience every student would become fascinated with Jesus and who He is, not just what He can give, that it would cause a shift in the desire of an entire generation.

We don’t hope to fill another stadium or arena, but to create a resting place.  To rise up those who stand in the gap, those that would carry their cross and His name.  A generation that hastens the way of the Lord, instigators of His presence. Those that would be willing to stand before God in fasting and in prayer until something happens.  Waterwalkers conference is a gathering of the lovesick. 


Join us at Vida Abundante Church, August 4-5, 2017 as we seek to know God and make him known.



Enjoy this gallery of Waterwalkers 2014 in the meantime :)